Notable Brands

  1. Stick flex: is a wide range of Flexographic/Gravure printing inks made from premium quality materials for such substrates as treated and non treated LDPE, HDPE, Cellophane, OPP, BOPP, PVC, PET etc. These are predominantly alcohol thinnable inks with exceptional high gloss and excellent printability.
  2. Cop Inks: These are high temperature (1500C and above) inks for both surface and reverse printing. Usually alcohol and Acetate thinnable suitable for most food and pharmaceutical packaging substrates such as OPP, foil, PET, PVC etc.
  3. Top flex: Is Toluene gravure ink for printing on beverage labels.
  4. PVC inks: Are gravure printing inks on rigid PVC carpets otherwise called linoleum PVC carpets.
  5. Wall decor: Is a wide range of decorative paints with excellent coverage, silky touch finishes and brushability. Made from premium quality pigments to ensure durability. Based on the latest styrene acrylic systems for superb adhesion. It comes in plain, matt and textured finishes.
  6. Industrial coatings: Wide range of products that are either air-dried or forced dried. Amongst the air-dry are cellulose enamels and primers, vinyls, acrylics quick are dry alkyds etc. Amongst the forced dry are the stoving alkyds (alkyd-amino), thermosetting acrylics (acrylic-amino), polyesters etc.
  7. Marin Coatings: Come in such systems as chlorinated rubber, vinyls, longoil alkyds, epoxy, polyurethane. They are usually manufactured to customers specifications depending on the area of application e.g. below and above water application. They are mainly protective with minimal attention to aesthetics. They come as primers (like zinc rich epoxies, phosphates), tie coates and finishes. Typical application methods include brushing, conventional spray painting and airless spray-painting.
  8. Chemstone Spec: This is epoxy flooring compound formulated from Huntsman Araldite epoxy system for floor protection and general floor aesthetics. It has the following features and benefits.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
  • High initial and ultimate mechanical strengths.
  • Very good chemical resistance.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance.
  • Low shrinkage and dimensional stability.
  • Fast cure (Drying)
  • Excellent Durability
  1. Omcolor: Wide range of water based pigment dispersion used by emulsion paint manufacturers, tanneriers, ink manufacturers, paper converters, soap and detergent manufacturers, etc. Made from premium organic pigments to achieve the following.
  • Good alkali/soap resistance
  • Excellent light fastness
  • Good stability
  • Superb strength hence good yield
  • Superb dispersion etc.
  1. Omflex: Wide range of water-based acrylic inks for flexographic printing on paper, kraft, tissue papers, and corrugated cases. Formulated from premium quality materials to guarantee press stability, good printability, good flow, sharp definitions and light fastness. Comes in various viscosity ranges to meet different machine specifications.


These are sophisticated inks for bar coding, batch numbering, used for date marking and various other identifications. The printing method adopted in the use of these inks is called NON-IMPACT PRINTING which could be either CIJ (continuous ink jet) or DOP (drop on demand). CIJ is the method adopted for non-absorbent substrates such as metal, plastic or glass etc, while DOP is adopted for absorbent substances such as paper, board etc.

CIJ inks and other consumables used locally are usually imported at very exorbitant rates by the representatives of such companies as DOMINO, WILLET, VIDEO JET etc. These inks/consumables are about the same save for differences in their packaging occasioned by differences in design.

To save cost and reduce carrying too much inventory for the individual coding equipment, CHEQAN NIGERIA LIMITED has introduced:

  1. SPRINT 20D6 (for dry non-absorbent surfaces)
  2. SPRINT 20WD6 (for wet non-absorbent surfaces specially for breweries)
  3. SPRINT Wp30 (for absorbent substrates)

These ink/consumables (makes-up or top-up wash liquid) are to be used as “REFILL” for all various machines in the market today. They have been tested and proven to be very compatible with all the machines in use in Nigeria.

They come in various pack sizes, ranging from 1 litre to 5 litres for easy handling.

They could be customized to customer’s colour as well.

Science is science everywhere and not voodoo. DO NOT  be hoodwinked into believing, rather erroneously, that any ink/consumable not supplied by the machine vendor would render your machine unserviceable or rather make it to malfunction.

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