Cheqan Nigeria Limited is not a too complex organisation. At the head are two/directors who are chemists by training and occupation. They cut their teeth working in a renown multinational organisation as INTERNATIONAL PAINTS W/A LIMITED. During their sojourn their, they were in charge of their research/development laboratory which equipped them technically to be able to face challenges in the industry.

The directors are:

  • Chidi L. Ohakawa – ex UNILAG
  • Onwukanjo Iroanusi – ex FUTO

The management team is made up:


  • Chidi Ohakawa
  • Onwukanjo Iroanusi
  • Chinye Ekwuribe
  • Ngozi Uboh


  • Ifeanyi Nwaimo
  • EAST
  • Robinson Iwunze

Special Assignment

  • Elder Ebiske