Marine Coatings

Come in such systems as chlorinated rubber, vinyls, longoil alkyds, epoxy, polyurethane. They are usually manufactured to customers specifications depending on the area of application e.g. below and above water application. They are mainly protective with minimal attention to aesthetics. They come as primers. (Like zinc rich epoxies, phosphates), tie Coates and Finishes. Typical application methods include brushing, conventional spray painting and airless spray-painting.

Industrial Coatings

Wide range of products that are either air-dried or forced dried. Amongst the air-dry are cellulose enamels and primers, vinyls, acrylics quick air dry alkyds etc. Amongst the forced dry are the stoving alkyds (alkyd-amino), thermosetting acrylics (arcylic-amino), polyesters etc.